PushFish - Repository Standards

PushFish - Repository Documentation Standards

This document outlines the standards for all public, open-source repositories used by PushFish.

The goal of this document is to ensure that PushFish documentation is welcoming, informative, comprehensive, and well-written.

Each codebase should include the following documents, committed as markdown files at the top level of the repository.

Please also consult contributing.md, and legal.md when contributing to a PushFish repository or documentation.


This document exists to introduce a project to a new visitor. It may also serve as a reference document for existing contributors. This document should include the following:

Title / Heading



Running from Source


(Additional Headings)





This document explains anything a visitor would need to know to contribute to the project.

This document should cover the following:


Every repository should have a LICENSE file stating the license. The default license we use is BSD, and we license all code as BSD whenever possible.

Some code may use external libraries that prevent BSD licensing. If adding a license to a project for the first time that uses 3rd-party code, please ensure it is okay to actually BSD license it.


A template for issues should exist to guide users in correctly filing them.

Style and Formatting Notes